Surpise in the Garden


Planted next to my antique garden gate and a struggling Empress Wu Hosta. 

I like surprises – something new, something different, something that catches your imagination.

"Close Up - Red Lion"

Both flower stalks blooming at the same time.

In early May as I was getting ready to plant my elephant ear bulbs, I found amaryllis bulbs that I had intended to plant this winter.  I wasn’t sure if the bulbs would’ve been too dried out or not, but I thought – what the heck!  And I planted the bulbs.

One bulb just shot up leaves – no flowers this time around.  But lo and behold – look at this eye catching surprise in my garden! Red Lion Amaryllis in mid-June outdoors rather than mid-winter indoors.



I like surprises in the garden – that is if they are pleasing.  Guests are somewhat taken aback when their eyes  find my “truffle” pig nibbling at my carpet rose and lavender.

Nibbling on lavender and carpet rose

I also find my Nikko Blue Hydrangea to be an eye-opening wonder – pink, blue, white – all on one bush.  Isn’t the Lady’s Mantle a pleasing edger?  Water catches on the leaves creating rain drop “pearls”.  If you click on the photos below, you will be able to see the Red Lion next to the gate in the distance.    That red sure makes a statement!

4 thoughts on “Surpise in the Garden

  1. Very nice surprise! I will try that with my Amaryllis bulbs next year. BTW, what exposure did you plant them in? South?

  2. It’s a west exposure but in shade. If you think about it, we grow the amaryllis in our homes in winter – pretty weak sunlight – so the shade seems to suit the amaryllis just fine.

  3. Beautiful, Audrey! Love amaryllis. I don’t seem to have great luck with them – lots of foliage, no blooms. I almost composted one a few weeks ago, and noticed it had a bud – very exciting! It bloomed, and before the first blooms were finished it grew another scape. Now it’s blooming again. I’m rethinking composting it now!

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